Thursday, 25 July 2013

Cley Woolly Workshop 20th July 2013

Each year Cley Contemporary Art holds an exhibition on the north Norfolk Coast in the beautiful church to promote exceptional contemporary art by national and local artists in varying disciplines: drawing, painting, printmaking, photography, collage, textiles, sculpture, mixed media and installation.
One of the project's key aims is to make contemporary art more accessible, the exhibition is accompanied by complementary workshops and events. The workshops encourage members of the public to participate actively in art making and the evnts bring in a wider range of arts related subjects including poetry, storytelling and music. Events and workshops draw on local artists and performers who offer art-related activities and cultural experiences to all.
This year, we held a Woolly Workshop-
Saturday 20 July, 10am-4pm
Tutors: Kally Davidson & Kim Marangon
Ever wanted to be more experimental with your yarn? Come and experience the freestyle inventiveness of a woolly workshop, with new twists on old techniques:
- learn to spin with a twig
- create giant yarns on spinning wheels
- try freestyle Saori weaving on foldable floor looms
- sculpt giant freeform crochet
- play with mini and interactive body knitting
Materials provided but please bring fabric, yarns, memorabilia and messages/poems that you’d like to incorporate into your work to create a personalised, multi-dimensional textile piece.
Passion essential, experience not necessary.
Spinning new jumbo extreme yarns on spinning wheels

Freestyle weaving on Saori looms

 Giant extreme knitting :) Great fun day had by all many thanks :)

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