Thursday, 4 July 2013

Woolfest, Cockermouth, Cumbria - 28th 29th June 2013

The Saori Shed went up to Woolfest in Cumbria. We set up 2 Saori weaving looms for everyone to have a try at some freestyle weaving.We had an amazingly fun weekend! A massive thank you to all the people who organised such a brilliant event and to all the lovely people we met who came for a weave - for those of you who have never been, Woolfest is one of the largest fibre festivals in the UK and is complete heaven! I could have happily moved in :)

 Weavers of all ages and abilities had a fun on the looms.

 Over the 2 days visitors wove a 3.75 metre Saori banner on the Piccolo loom and a 3 meter banner on the SX60. 
We raffled the Piccolo banner at the end of the weekend and it has been sent to the winning ticket holder :)
The Saori Shed was awarded a crocheted red rossette for being the best demonstration stall :) This is lovely, we had a great time! The rossette and banner from the SX60 are on display now in the studio.

Handmade crochet hooks by WoollenWood -
Elsewhere at Woolfest - Beautifull weaving with nature by Elizabeth Cadd - encouraging visitors to make woven panels with seasonal materials, flowers, leaves, fleece. There was some really beautiful, unique pieces all made of natural materials.

 The Materialistics - Once upon a time. Fantastic knitted, crocheted scenes from childrens books, I loved the very hungry caterpillar.

Woolfest also held the first Woollycultural show - visitors created vegetables, fruit, flowers and miniature gardens that were judged in the show. I can not put into words how much I love the fun, unique, inspiring ideas and creations that come from the 'woolly community', that puts a smile on everyones faces :)
There was an overwhelming amount of fibres to choose from different suppliers, yarns, equipment and beautiful things that talented people have made.
There was a brilliant turn out of rare breed sheeps that were gorgeous to see, here are some of my favourites -
 North Ronaldsy - lovely horns!!

 Teeswater                                               Gotland
Cashmere goat
A fantasticly exciting, inspiring fibre festival - Woolfest is fibre heaven!

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