Thursday, 25 February 2016

Saori banners Part 5

The final installment of banners hanging in the Forum, infront of the Library. They're here until Sunday :) 
Thanks to everyone who contributed their totally unique, individual Saori weaves, its been a joy to see them all together.
So here we have ....

Woven treasures by Barrington Farm artists.

 Yarn wanderings by Kally Davidson.

Weave Everything – beads, jewels, ties by Barrington Farm artists. 

 By Barrington Farm artists.

Elements 3 – Fire by Julienne Hanson. The warp for this banner is made from carefully selected thick knitting yarns, laid in vertical stripes to reflect the transition in both colour and temperature that occurs naturally in a fire, from cooler reds at the fire’s outer edge through orange, and yellow to hot blue flames in the fire’s heart. The banner is warp-dominant, representing the rising quality of heat. The weft is woven using fine wool yarns in the same colour palette, arranged vertically in stripes from blue at the base to pale yellow at the top of the banner. The finished dimensions of the banner are 136” (3.45 m) long by 18” (460 mm) wide, excluding the braided/plaited fringes.

Elements 1 – Earth by Julienne Hanson. The warp for this banner comprises five randomly-threaded wool and cotton yarns in a variety of earth tones. The weft features over fifty shades of grey, brown and orange yarns, which represents the many and varied geological strata that are revealed by a cross section through the Earth’s crust. The bottom 32” (820 mm) of the banner is split into five strips to represent fault lines and fissures deep within the Earth’s crust. The banner is embellished with beads and shells that represent rare mineral deposits and fossils. The finished dimensions of the banner are 140” (3.5 m) long by 19” (490 mm) wide, excluding the plied/twisted fringes.

Cottons with wandering dragon inlay by Sue B.

Banner in blues by Caroline from Big Sky Textiles.

 Tassel by Barrington Farm artists.


Desert banner by Rachel B.

Banner woven by first time weavers to Woolfest, fibre festival, Cumbria with The Saori Shed.

Woven for a Doula to use for 'belly binding' by Nicola Builder of Wayward Weaves Saori Studio, Stroud.

With big thanks for some lovely photos by Stewart Mackinder and Ian -

Monday, 22 February 2016

Saori Banners Part 4

 Walking towards the library these banners happily hang :)

Outback oranges by Cherrie Stevens.

Felt balls with wandering warps by Kim @ The Saori Shed.

Using up last years bobbins and ends by Bron E.

Wandering forest by George C, woven while expecting her little girl.

Elements 2 – Air by Julienne Hanson. The warp for this banner comprises light grey, cream and dark grey silk threads, in the proportions of 21% oxygen, 1% trace gases and 78% nitrogen respectively, that together make up Earth’s atmosphere. Trace gases include argon, carbon dioxide, neon, methane, helium krypton, hydrogen and xenon. The airy weft is woven in five bands of grey and cream mixed wool/silk yarns that represent the five layers of the atmosphere - troposphere, stratosphere, mesosphere, thermosphere and exosphere – in their various proportions. The weaving includes stripes of unwoven warp, hand manipulated leno (twisted warps) and Brooks bouquet (tied warps) that emphasise the ‘airy’ qualities of the banner, which has been embellished with goose feather quills at the bottom warp end, and duck down feathers along the selvedges that float about to reveal unseen air currents in the room in which the banner is displayed. The finished dimensions of the banner are 152” (3.86 m) long by 15” (380 mm) wide, excluding the plied/twisted fringes and goose feather quills.

 Elements 4 – Water by Julienne Hanson. The warp for this banner comprises a mix of green and blue fine cotton and silk yarns. The banner is weft-dominant, and is woven using a clasped weft technique that allows the weft to travel across the banner in a series of shallow curves, which represent the liquid, fluid qualities of water. The colour palette rises from deep blue at the bottom of the banner (deep water) to pale blue (shallow water), and eventually to white (representing ripples and spume) at the banner’s top. The banner is embellished by 14 silk fish that ‘swim’ along the banner’s fringes. The finished dimensions of the banner are 144” (3.66 m) long by 18” (460 mm) wide, excluding the plied/twisted fringes and dimensional fish.

Freestyle banner with joy by Julie Mackinder.   

Bright clasped weft technique by Rachel Berry.

 Handspun yarns and silk by Kim @ The Saori Shed.

India inspired warp with handspun alpaca and treasures by Femke.

Thursday, 18 February 2016

Saori Banners Part 3

Textures by Cherrie Stevens.

 Kally Davidson - I started incorporating saori weaving into my artwork last year. As a textile installation artist, its free style nature sits fantastically with my instinctive approach. Inspired by nature, I love playing with a materials’ capability symbiotically with my own ideas, using this freedom of creativity allows a random nature of possibility; incorporating colours, textures and my mood, I feel like it communicates me, in that moment. Ultimately I love being part of the full process, from raw material to finished Artwork; Gathering fleece, plants to dye with, playing with spinning techniques, saori weaving, freeform crochet and photographing my artwork wrapped around a tree, back in the nature of my original inspiration.

Elements - Water banner by Ruth S.

Handspun nodules by the Barrington weavers.

Elements - Earth banner by Ruth S.

Wandering dragons and handspun snails by Kim @ The Saori Shed.

Calm stripes by Racahel C.

Celebration banner by Gaia Redgrave - Artist & Weaver, Performer & Teacher. She creates wonderful Saori & mindfully woven clothing, celebrancy wraps & robes, banners & wall coverings as well as hand fasting cords and yardage for ceremony, gifts and your home or business. Currently based in the centre of England, she is one half of Garden of Awen along with her husband Kevin who is a celebrant.
Gaia is a trained Kinesiologist & KaiAmea practitioner but after 10 years in practice now chooses to put her energies into creating, performing and personal practice. Garden of Awen:
Victoria’s Arts Practice:

Hemp and alpaca by George C.

Banner woven by first time weavers at Ethika, Norwich with The Saori Shed.

Tweed and patterns by Sue B.

By Gaia Redgrave.