Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Weaving Workhop at The Vauxhall Centre, Norwich - 11 June 2013

The Saori Shed took a Saori weaving loom and lots of 'lap looms' along to the Vauxhall centre for a morning of freestyle weaving with no restrictions!
We had a group of 20 ladies wildly weaving all morning. Many found it joyfull, one lady found it stressfull but great, as it gave her something different to be frustrated with - away from the other stresses in life.

There was lots of quiet concentration for a while as the weavings took their shape.
The Vauxhall Centre is a day centre for people with physical disabilities in the centre of Norwich. They have regular 'ladies' mornings where all the ladies get a chance to catch up and try new things - crafts, games etc. 
Thanks for a fanastic weaving, morning.

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