Wednesday, 27 March 2013

World eco-fiber and textile (weft) art exhibition

At the Brunei Gallery - University of London
Fascinating exhibition promoting natural fibres and natural dyestuff in textile art from around the world. Featuring handwoven, handprinted, hand painted, hand embroidered and hand dyed textiles, handmade felt and fibre and textile jewelry.
Also, really interesting 'crossovers' mixing traditional techniques and crosing cultures. For example - 'batikat' - the overlap of batik over hand-woven ikat.

What to do with a loofah!

 Yum! crochet jewelry :)

The Wool House - Somerset House

Excitedly, early Monday morning Kally of WoollenWood and I went on the bus to London to see...
The most amazing exhibition ALL ABOUT WOOL!! Complete heaven :)
I can not put into words how exciting and inspiring it was! Here follows quite a few photos of my favourite bits.

Remember - its ALL made from glorious wool!
I'd LOOOVE one of these :)

Each room in Somerset house was designed to show how wool can inhabit a space. This was my favourite room, I could quite happily move straight in! 
'Natural room' by Josephine Ryan. The arm chairs are upholstered with aran jumpers, gorgeous woven pieces on the walls and floors, wool and fleece everywhere and onions! 

Tapestry by Claudy Jongstra

What Wool House said:
Wool is all about comfort and beauty. It is a fibre grown, not manmade, with an origin and integrity that has yet to be matched. Natural, renewable and sustainable it offers the most timeless and enduring quality to materials for many different lifestyle products for interiors, fashion, build and craft.
Diverse in use, colour and texture, wool truly shows its creative edge.

And a wool matress :)

Happy woolly dreams

Norwich Fashion Week - Designers Boutique

As part of Norwich Fashion Week we were involved in 'The Designers Boutique' at The Assembly House, Norwich.
I displayed the new collection of knitted woven coats and was demonstrating Saori weaving on the Piccolo loom - a fanatstically potable floor loom that is a joy to use.
We had a great day spreading the joy of Saori weaving - an exciting 'stretchy' piece of fabric was created that I am transforming into something to wear as we speak! photos will be up soon :)
Joyfull weaving everyone

2013 Contemorary Textiles Fair

The Contemporary Textile Fair, Teddington, London was fantastic! 
We had a great weekend introducing visitors to the joyfull art of Saori weaving. 
It is a fantastically inspiring event - a melting pot of over 70 designer / makers from around the UK showing their work. A brilliant weekend for anyone interested in textiles.
This original new design of coat incorporates freestyle Saori weaving and knitwear that can be worn in many ways with fabulous moveable buttons - giving even more flexibility in how you can wear your woven wares.
More photos can be seen at

New coats in ETHIKA

New selection of Saori woven coats and 'wear many ways' waistcoats are now in stock at ETHIKA, Pottergate, Norwich.
Saori freestyle woven banner is on display from when we had a 'weave in the window' day. Visitors came and had a try at freestyle weaving on the Saori weaving loom. In one afternoon we wove over a meter and a half! Thankyou for a great day.
Also in this photo is a gorgeous shirt thats made from bamboo! Its sooo soft - Ethika also stocks other delicious things made from bamboo and scrumptious fibres :)