Monday, 30 December 2013

Saori Weaving sessions @ the Saori Shed

An amazingly busy year at the studio! Heres the catch up from August till December 2013 of some of the wonderfull weavers who came to the studio for starter weaving sessions.
Thank you all for inspiring, fun and joyful sessions. Looking forward to more in 2014 :)

Friday, 25 October 2013

Wool Week 18th-19th October

To Celebrate Wool Week and to promote British wool the Saori Shed went to ETHIKA emporium in Norwich for a Woolly Weekend.
Naturally dyed wensleydale locks weavings.
Sheep info! From the Wool marketing board showing the processses envolved in turning raw fleece into processed yarn.
Handmade drop spindles and giant knitting needles for visitors to have a go on :)
Having a try at some freestyle weaving on the Saori loom.

Woven over the Woolly Weekend-first part using up all the ends of bobbins-I have plans for this piece! The second part is woven by visitors and can be seen now at ETHIKA
Karen spinning on her Asford wheel

TWISTED TAILOR's  new collection of slouchy sweaters made from 100% British wool available at ETHIKA

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Fibre East 27-28 July 2013

We took the Saori loom to Fibre East for visitors to experience the joyful art of Saori free weaving.

What a lot of fun had by all!

Sheep getting ready to be shorn.

Beautyful handmade crochet hooks by WoollenWood

Handspun then knitted paper :)                               and some play time on the loom!

Using WoollenWood crochet hook necklaces to add some freeform crochet while we weave :)

Adding in extra warp threads as we weave.
Freeform banner with some wild bits! created by visitors, new and experienced weavers over the two days of Fibre East 2013.

Thursday, 25 July 2013

Cley Woolly Workshop 20th July 2013

Each year Cley Contemporary Art holds an exhibition on the north Norfolk Coast in the beautiful church to promote exceptional contemporary art by national and local artists in varying disciplines: drawing, painting, printmaking, photography, collage, textiles, sculpture, mixed media and installation.
One of the project's key aims is to make contemporary art more accessible, the exhibition is accompanied by complementary workshops and events. The workshops encourage members of the public to participate actively in art making and the evnts bring in a wider range of arts related subjects including poetry, storytelling and music. Events and workshops draw on local artists and performers who offer art-related activities and cultural experiences to all.
This year, we held a Woolly Workshop-
Saturday 20 July, 10am-4pm
Tutors: Kally Davidson & Kim Marangon
Ever wanted to be more experimental with your yarn? Come and experience the freestyle inventiveness of a woolly workshop, with new twists on old techniques:
- learn to spin with a twig
- create giant yarns on spinning wheels
- try freestyle Saori weaving on foldable floor looms
- sculpt giant freeform crochet
- play with mini and interactive body knitting
Materials provided but please bring fabric, yarns, memorabilia and messages/poems that you’d like to incorporate into your work to create a personalised, multi-dimensional textile piece.
Passion essential, experience not necessary.
Spinning new jumbo extreme yarns on spinning wheels

Freestyle weaving on Saori looms

 Giant extreme knitting :) Great fun day had by all many thanks :)

Thursday, 4 July 2013

Woolfest, Cockermouth, Cumbria - 28th 29th June 2013

The Saori Shed went up to Woolfest in Cumbria. We set up 2 Saori weaving looms for everyone to have a try at some freestyle weaving.We had an amazingly fun weekend! A massive thank you to all the people who organised such a brilliant event and to all the lovely people we met who came for a weave - for those of you who have never been, Woolfest is one of the largest fibre festivals in the UK and is complete heaven! I could have happily moved in :)

 Weavers of all ages and abilities had a fun on the looms.

 Over the 2 days visitors wove a 3.75 metre Saori banner on the Piccolo loom and a 3 meter banner on the SX60. 
We raffled the Piccolo banner at the end of the weekend and it has been sent to the winning ticket holder :)
The Saori Shed was awarded a crocheted red rossette for being the best demonstration stall :) This is lovely, we had a great time! The rossette and banner from the SX60 are on display now in the studio.

Handmade crochet hooks by WoollenWood -
Elsewhere at Woolfest - Beautifull weaving with nature by Elizabeth Cadd - encouraging visitors to make woven panels with seasonal materials, flowers, leaves, fleece. There was some really beautiful, unique pieces all made of natural materials.

 The Materialistics - Once upon a time. Fantastic knitted, crocheted scenes from childrens books, I loved the very hungry caterpillar.

Woolfest also held the first Woollycultural show - visitors created vegetables, fruit, flowers and miniature gardens that were judged in the show. I can not put into words how much I love the fun, unique, inspiring ideas and creations that come from the 'woolly community', that puts a smile on everyones faces :)
There was an overwhelming amount of fibres to choose from different suppliers, yarns, equipment and beautiful things that talented people have made.
There was a brilliant turn out of rare breed sheeps that were gorgeous to see, here are some of my favourites -
 North Ronaldsy - lovely horns!!

 Teeswater                                               Gotland
Cashmere goat
A fantasticly exciting, inspiring fibre festival - Woolfest is fibre heaven!