Tuesday, 3 June 2014

WSD National Exhibtion - Part 2

For the family fun day at the Weavers, Spinners and Dyers exhibition there was a huge variety of woolly activities for everyone to try. There was also some Ryeland sheep on the green in the Cathedral grounds :)
Visitors had a go at some giant knitting on broomstick handles and some arm knitting - a follow on from finger knitting!

We had 2 Saori weaving looms set up for everyone to have a weave -  from the very young to the more experienced weavers, it was lovely to see so much enjoyment and concentration from all!
These 4 girls created a great system whereby everyone had something to do - 1 was controlling the peddles, 1 was passing the shuttle while anther caught it and some one else beat the reed :)

The finished banners :) ......

.....banners turned into a dragon :)
Big thanks to all the fantastic weavers on the day, if you would like to see them in full they are on display in the Studio in Diss.

WSD National Exhibition @ Norwich Cathedral Part 1

We were amazingly lucky to have the National exhibition of Weavers, Spinners and Dyers at Norwich Cathedral this year. There was a really high standard of work exhibited in this brilliant space, here are some of my favourites-

Bags made by guild members from around the UK.

Norfolk and suffolk guild banner on lovely driftwood.
The Wall of Wool - A fantastic display of skeins of yarn spun by spinners around the Eastern region using fibres from East Anglia, ranging from a huge variety of different breeds of sheep to suffolk punch horse hair, dog, camel and feathers!