Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Saori weavers meet and inspire!

An inspiring day at the studio!
Weaver Fiona came for a weaving session to learn some new techniques to go beyond the stripe-she felt that she had got into a little pattern of reverting back to stripes when weaving so we had a play with some Saori techniques to create texture and interest in your cloth, to go beyond the stripe :)
Fiona brought in some of weavings including this fantastic purple coat, all made from rectangles pieced togerther using wools, fancies and cheniles - a really clever little feature is that it has an extra zip up the centre, which Fiona uses to zip her fleece into for when it get especially cold, making it double layered, genius :) 

Ang from Weird Weave came along with her great new hats made from shetland wool mmmm and some lovely clasped weft pieces in gorgeous colours, looking forward to seeing what they turn into :)

Later in the week an inspiring mother and daughter come for a weaving session - Love the textured weaves.
Thanks to all for a wonderfull weaving week :)

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Saori workshop @ studio

Sharon from 'Taylor Made Yarns' came to the studio for a weave. She is a pro spinner and spins these AMAZINGLY gorgeous gigantic skeins of art yarns using beautiful fibres and lots of luscious wensleydale locks.She's been weaving on a knitters loom and wanted to have a try on a Saori loom. Completely, joyfully hooked on Saori :) Thanks for an inspiring morning.
LUSCIOUS LOCKS :) Can you imagine these beautiful skeins woven? mmmmm :)

Some of what Sharon makes from her Art yarn.