Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Weaving Session @ the studio - June 13, 14

Ruth came to the studio for a two day weaving session. 
For the last three years Ruth has had trouble with here hands which mean that repetitive movements can be painful and difficult. She had to give up using her large floor loom but can still weave on her table looms and is waiting for a new computerised loom to arrive. She was taught in a 'traditional' way and was excited by the freeing concept of Saori weaving.
 We had a very exciting couple of days where the boundaries of 'traditional' weaving were definately pushed to their outer limits! Freeing the straight selvedge, embracing all the bumps and letting the yarn direct us to where it likes to be :)
 Ruth did some wild things, focussing on sections of warps to make patterned windows, gorgeous!
The beautyful finished piece that Ruth wove, showing many different techniques to remind her when shes at her loom at home :) We had breaks so that her hands could rest but the general feeling was that using a Saori loom, with light shuttles, was definately easier and more comfortable. An exciting couple of days with a fantastically inspiring and talented weaver, many thanks Ruth :)

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