Friday, 25 October 2013

Wool Week 18th-19th October

To Celebrate Wool Week and to promote British wool the Saori Shed went to ETHIKA emporium in Norwich for a Woolly Weekend.
Naturally dyed wensleydale locks weavings.
Sheep info! From the Wool marketing board showing the processses envolved in turning raw fleece into processed yarn.
Handmade drop spindles and giant knitting needles for visitors to have a go on :)
Having a try at some freestyle weaving on the Saori loom.

Woven over the Woolly Weekend-first part using up all the ends of bobbins-I have plans for this piece! The second part is woven by visitors and can be seen now at ETHIKA
Karen spinning on her Asford wheel

TWISTED TAILOR's  new collection of slouchy sweaters made from 100% British wool available at ETHIKA