Thursday, 11 February 2016

Saori Banners Part 2

Banner by Ang of Weird weave. Inspired by the beautiful Cyclades Islands of Greece. Using a mixture of commercial spun Dhetland and handspun Hampshire Sown wool I have tried to recreate the effect of the popular white and blue painted buildings of this region set against the dark blue of the Agean Sea.

Colours by Sue Wright.

By Janine Kok - This is a piece I made at Saori no Mori, Japan, with Kenzo and Misao did part of the fringes.

Banner by Cherrie Stevens of Weaverbyrd Hand weaving studio

By Sue B - reds with 'wandering dragon' inlay.

Jayne Stansfield - Fluffy bits of wool can be transformed with colour and by spinning and weaving into something amazing. This is my thick and thin handspun ready for weaving a rainbow, I’m hoping there will be be enough fabric for a garment. A brilliant idea to think of weavings, suspended up high with others like part of a trapeze artist troop, before becoming something wearable. I’m doing this as part of celebrating life and dedicating my effort to a special anniversary 20 years in December - to my beloved brother

Matthew Shenstone 1965 - 1996
Magpie and Me shop, Framlingham.

Banner by children at WSD exhibtion in Norwich Cathedral.

Banner by Barrington Farm artists.

Jewel add ins by Wendy M.

Banner by visitors to Woolfest fibre festival, Cumbria with The Saori Shed.

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