Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Saori banners Part 1

For all of you who are a bit too far away to be able to visit the Forum in the next month to see the banners, heres a little virtual tour :) Lots of close ups to see the textures :)
In no particular order, with no prior plan, we hung the banners very intuitively. Our only constraints were height in some places - we couldn't block the security cameras etc!
So, starting at the front of the Forum -

Neutral striped wools - banner is going to become a cushion by Jane B.

Shawl as a banner by Sue of SWH (Sue Wright Handknits) - Hand knitter, weaver and spinner, designing her own work on the Isle of Wight, where inspiration for many designs are taken from the sea and Island life. 
Sue uses combinations of colour and yarn types to produce unique waistcoats along with knitted and woven bags, hats, scarves, warmers and socks. She also enjoys creating pieces of work on her loom such as, cushions, table runners, throws and small rugs. 

Wandering warps by Kim @ The Saori Shed.

  Calm weaves in wools by Rachael C.
Weaves by Barrington Farm Artists. In 2013 Barrington Farm received funding to purchase a Saori loom. This gave our artists an exciting new potential to create cloth and experience traditional Japanese weaving. Barrington Farm encourages people to find their own way of expressing themselves through their art. The philosophy behind Saori weaving that everyone is an individual fits perfectly with our group. Staff teach the basic principles then the artists take the weaving in their own direction. There is a lot of variation in the banners that Vincent, Hazel, Michael, Max, Val and Saffron have made for this exhibition. Michael’s weaving gathers in tight in places, whereas Max has been playing with the technique called clasp weft. Some of the pieces are communal, meaning that several artists have sat at the loom and added to the finished banner.“I enjoy it. It’s only taken me 3 days to weave 2.3 metres! It’s calming.” Max, artist. The Barrington Farm Art Barn is a unique, independent art studio supporting adults with learning difficulties in North Norfolk.


 Banner by children at the WSD exhibtion, Norwich Cathedral, with The Saori Shed.

Calm, wool banner by Rachael C.
  Banner by visitors to Fibre East, fibre festival, Bedford with The Saori Shed.
  Clasped weft and sari silk by Patricia Lindsay -Frequential threads/chaotic noise banner.

 Greens by Rachael C.


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