Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Super chunky yarn on fantastic wheel!

I'm hugely excited as I have been playing on a fantastic new spinning wheel!
It has been made by a talented local engineer/carpenter based around a Louet hatbox wheel. I love these little wheels but find their bobbins too small for spinning my favourite art yarns. So, David built this with the hatbox as a starting point, then adapted it to take chunky bobbins have a HUGE orifice, that can be bypassed-so can fit ANYTHING on and then put it all in a bomb proof box (very needed round here with small children) - that also has a built in lazy kate.

Ahhh! Look how fat these coils are!!

All fleece from East Anglian sheep - Jacobs, Ryeland and wensleydale to be exhibited at WSD national exhibition soon, what fun!

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