Thursday, 8 May 2014

New weaves

Catching up with life here at the Shed.
Here are some new weaves all for collars of a new collection of coats - combing knitting with Saori weaving.
 This is a comination of handspun art yarn, with hand dyed wensledale locks, silk fibres and ryeland fleece from our lovely sheep. I did a clasped weft technique with some British yarns that will make up the body of this coat.

 This one mixes british wool yarn with sari silk yarn and strips of silk kimono that I shredded in the Sakiori Cutter
This is a fantastic gadget made by Saori in Japan that shreds fabric into different widths, without having to spend hours cutting your fabric into strips (I had spent many  nights cutting strips of fabric up for weaving and knitting before I discovered the fantastic cutter!)
Close up Sakiori!
I have been spinning with felt balls!
Something I'd been dreaming about for a while, this is going to be a sweater from the Blue pattern book - Fuku no Katachi ni Suru
combing handspuns and Saori wools. This was soooo much fun to spin and then weave, as it was a surprise where each felt ball was going to end up :)

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