Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Inspired by birds exhibtion

I have a collaborative piece with Kally WoollenWood and Zoe WeavingSpace in an exhibition at Norwich Castle from now until the 31 st August.
We went for the preview evening the other night and got a sneeky peek at all the lovely work 'Inspired by Birds'.
With this Doodlebird dwelling we doodled in yarn taking a thread for a walk rather than a line. We have created interchangeable sacred spaces based on the social weaverbirds nests.
Birds build nests for shelter, protection and nurturing young, like wise human communities who build organically, create structures which are sympathetic to their environment, grow, are torn down and rebuilt to serve the needs of the community.

The Doodlebird dwelling has the same potential to change and be rebuilt after the exhibition as it encounters more doodling weavers who can bring their own skills and experience to take the dwellings into new environments changing spaces and creating new perspectives - please get in touch if you would like to get involved.

 This was my part of the Doodlebird dwelling as it came off the loom. I wove it flat with hanspun yarns with wensleydale and felted tufts add ins. I then cut and sewed it into nest shapes.
 The evening had such a turn out it was hard to get to see everything, so I will need to go back for a better look. These were some of my highlights-
 Jasmine with Kallys 'Resourcefulnest' - Amazing nest crocheted using handspun yarn made from a whole, entire yellow pages, all 808 pages of it :)

 Textiles bird house with birds eating buttons :)
and a stunning felt hat:)
Kally is also selling cards of the works on her Etsy shop - WoollenWood

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