Tuesday, 3 June 2014

WSD National Exhibtion - Part 2

For the family fun day at the Weavers, Spinners and Dyers exhibition there was a huge variety of woolly activities for everyone to try. There was also some Ryeland sheep on the green in the Cathedral grounds :)
Visitors had a go at some giant knitting on broomstick handles and some arm knitting - a follow on from finger knitting!

We had 2 Saori weaving looms set up for everyone to have a weave -  from the very young to the more experienced weavers, it was lovely to see so much enjoyment and concentration from all!
These 4 girls created a great system whereby everyone had something to do - 1 was controlling the peddles, 1 was passing the shuttle while anther caught it and some one else beat the reed :)

The finished banners :) ......

.....banners turned into a dragon :)
Big thanks to all the fantastic weavers on the day, if you would like to see them in full they are on display in the Studio in Diss.

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